Subdivision and Site Development Services
Land development has become more complex than ever before in history. Urban areas must have essential services provided to both industrial and residential subdivisions. Even individual sites now need to conform to municipal standards for grading, parking areas, storm water management and other criteria. 
Spriet Associates provides comprehensive engineering services for  subdivision and site development. Successful projects include residential and industrial subdivisions, shopping plazas, factories, office and apartment buildings. The firm has extensive experience in creating viable development concepts and providing cost-effective engineering solutions.

Concept Plans

A clear development concept is an important starting point for a new project. Spriet Associates can provide the digital site survey information, conceptual planning and engineering analysis needed for a successful development.

Residential Subdivisions

Spriet Associates has been providing engineering services for residential development since the 1960's. Projects range from large-lot rural developments to fully serviced urban subdivisions.

Industrial Subdivisions

Industrial subdivisions represent a planned approach to economic development and growth in a community. Spriet Associates have provided engineering services for a range of successful projects, including London's Trafalgar Industrial Park shown at right.

Site Development

Spriet Associates provide site engineering and construction supervision services for a wide range of commercial and industrial development projects. 

The Verspeeten Cartage terminal, located adjacent to the 401 Highway in Ingersoll, represents a major building and site engineering project, where Spriet Associates provided both architectural and engineering services.

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