STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING design and analysis services are provided for buildings, bridges and a range of special projects. The firm also has a broad range of experience in completing structural safety appraisals and studies to meet government requirements and certification procedures.

Bridges and Culverts

Engineering services are provided for all sizes of projects from standard culverts to major bridges and railway grade separations.

Projects are subject to a complete analysis of site characteristics, traffic movement, hydraulic requirements, geometric design and appearance so the structure is both functional and attractive.

Elgin County Road 19, Vienna

Spriet Associates also have experience in detailed structural assessment and restoration work. The King Street Bridge, shown below, is a pin-connected steel structure built in 1897 across the Thames River in London as a single-lane bridge and support for a trunk sanitary sewer.

In 1996, Spriet Associates completed a study of the bridge and determined that the structure could be economically restored, rather than replaced. Following successful restoration, the bridge continues to be used as an important pedestrian and cycling link to downtown London, plus providing a sewer connection across the Thames.

Building Structural Design

Spriet Associates provides structural design and construction supervision services for the company's architectural projects. At right is the new London Honda dealership on Wharncliffe road under construction.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls have been designed for numerous applications. The photo shows a substantial retaining wall built to permit full development of a commercial property at Wonderland and Commissioners roads in London.

Sheet Piling

Spriet Associates have designed several marinas and waterfront developments that have required extensive sheet piling. The photo shows the Island Mooring Club development on the St. Clair waterway shortly after piling installation.

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